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Golf Wedding Favor Ideas

In this article I will give you some easy ideas if you want to give golf wedding favors at your wedding. There are many great ideas your wedding guests will appreciate if you both love the game of golf. There are a wide variety of ideas you can choose from and stay below budget too. The whole point for the favors is to thank your guest with a little gift saying thank you for being here on your special day. When you give a tee and a golf ball your guests will remember this favor everytime they see it. You can engrave your names and the date of your day getting married and they will have this forever.

Nothing says golf more, and is easier to give out, than a golf ball and tee. There are a variety of colors to select from so it is easy to match them to your wedding colors. To present the gift you could put them in a nice velvet box, or in a very nice cloth with a bow around it. If your wedding party are golfers too you could get them a special iron just for them.

There is also plenty of jewelry that has golf on them such as earrings, a necklaces, tie clips, and even pens that you can give as presents. Do a favor that everyone at the wedding will enjoy and remember you can not give a bad gift as these are your friends. When you go on-line looking at unique wedding favors you will find many golf ideas for you that will help keep you under your budget.

You could put your picture, and wedding date, on a flag for each hole and put them on the tables at your reception. Then your guest could take it home with them. There are craft stores that can help you find the perfect golf ideas also. You could take pictures of both of you golfing and create a pciture book to show the good time you are having.

As a party favor you could get your photo taken on the course. Just take some of these ideas for golf wedding favors and make sure to have fun with it and stay within your budget. It is a memory that your wedding party and your wedding guests will remember and know they got this from you on your happy day.

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