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Cool Jay

His teacher thought he was dumb. Idolmakers thought he was ugly. But Jay Chou has become Asia's hottest pop star...Jay Chou's songwriting skills have catapulted him into the top rank of Asia's pop stars.

Before the satin bedsheets and Ducati motorcycles, before the screaming groupies fainting at his shows and the teenage girls making pilgrimages to stroke his piano bench, there was this narrow stretch of blond floorboard between the leather sofa and the teal walls of Alfa Music's studio in a gray, concrete high-rise in eastern Taipei.



Jenny Tseng's power vocals not as powerful anymore
Last Friday Jenny Tseng returned to Genting Highland Resort in Malaysia for a 2 hour performance. Jenny is known for her power lungs but her vocals have been reduced due throat surgery in August. Even though her voice was a bit more coarse than usual, it was better than any of the new singers of today.

Holding hands, actor John Sham and wife announce end of 15-year marriage
MING PAO - Veteran actor John Sham Kim Fan and Tse Ling formally announced the end of their 15 year marriage due to irreconcilable differences. The former couple have been treating this matter peacefully and graciously by annoucing their divorce, while holding hands, in a joint interview with Ming Pao Magazine. Tse Ling said the marriage was troubled by communication problems.

Sammi: There is somebody and I hope it can stand the test of love
Sammi Cheng
and Andy Hui are rumored to be secretly back together but the two haven't made any movements whatsoever. During a radio interview, Sammi said that she believes in love and longs for a precious, lasting relationship that stands the tests of life. So is there somebody? Sammi admits that there is someone who can live up to that potential but she isn't sure what she should do.

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