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Holding hands, actor John Sham and wife announce end of 15-year marriage

Veteran actor John Sham Kim Fan and Tse Ling formally announced the end of their 15 year marriage due to irreconcilable differences. The former couple have been treating this matter peacefully and graciously by annoucing their divorce, while holding hands, in a joint interview with Ming Pao Magazine. Tse Ling said the marriage was troubled by communication problems. The two have been sleeping in separate rooms since the end of last year and tried to peacefully solve their problems, but the only solution was divorce. They haven't officially signed divorce papers yet but have separated. The two are still living together though and their lifestyle patterns have not changed. The couple has two daughters. When announcing the divorce, the former couple appeared to be very relaxed and still called each other "Mommy" and "Daddy" (after her children). Tse Ling says she looked up to her husband like a teacher, never quarreled with him and kept everything to herself. These were reasons for the breakup, says Tse Ling. She was rather fragile, sensitive and was afraid of being yelled at. She hoped to overcome these problems but finally realized that husband and wife should be equal. "After I [married] John, I lost myself. When I had problems I kept them all inside and I cried. I started to see a therapist two or three years ago. John came with me the last time I went to see the therapist, but it didn't help much. I am a woman with a lot of emotions and I love affection, but I couldn't be that person in front of John. We only talked about our ideals." Tse Ling says both of them are believers in Christianity and had it not been for religion, the marriage would have ended a long time ago. She hasn't been happy for years and although divorce was unfortunate, she feels the decision has lifted all of her baggage, burden and pressure. She still gives him kudos, though. "John was a husband who scored high points. He gave me a lot of space and encouragement." Tse Ling doesn't know if she will get married again but hopes to find someone of John's caliber and wants someone who cares about her and babies her. Communication also has to be comfortable, says Tse Ling. John says, "I wasn't tender enough. When she cried I didn't let her cry. I would analyze and reason with her. But after this, I probably shouldn't be married." John doesn't think he will be in a 4th marriage and if he does, he hopes his partner can accept his 3 ex-wives and his daughters. What do the daugthers think of their parents' breakup? The former couple each talked to their children, who said they were OK with it as long as their parents were happy.

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