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Jenny Tseng's power vocals not as powerful anymore

MING PAO - Last Friday Jenny Tseng returned to Genting Highland Resort in Malaysia for a 2 hour performance. Jenny is known for her power lungs but her vocals have been reduced due throat surgery in August. Even though her voice was a bit more coarse than usual, it was better than any of the new singers of today. The 52- year old singer performed was seen wiping her sweat with tissues. Laughing, Jenny says she has never been this nervous before but the audience's applause and screams boosted her confidence. Jenny brought back songs she performed when she was 17, saying that oldies songs are classics and will never get old.

Jenny Tseng, the ‘evergreen tree’ of the stage is returning to Genting to treat the audience with her timeless hits and colourful yet sexy costumes. Well-known for her brave, outspoken and candid manner during her concerts, the veteran diva started her illuminating career during the 70’s era as an actress, and later released her first music album.

Over the years, she has released numerous albums and sang many theme songs for HKTVB series, such as ‘The Condor Heroes’, ‘Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre’ and ‘Return of the Condor Heroes’, just to name a few. You will certainly be impressed with Jenny’s versatility, as she is also good at modern pop songs and English numbers.

Last year, her ‘Can’t Stop’ concert received over-whelming response from her fans all over the world. This October, come to Genting Highlands and be charmed by her vocal prowess as she belts out her repertoire of songs that have earned her high respect as an outstanding artiste.

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Date 07 & 08 October 2005 (Friday & Saturday)
Time 8.00pm
Venue Arena of Stars

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