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How Binoculars Can Be Used To Create More Fun For Children

Binoculars give an extra view, a vivid expression, different from the plain ways of our daily lives. Binoculars are for adults, and they are also for children. The imagination won't leave us alone as our hearts were meant for more than bare facts and figures. In the shadow of our ancestors we are challenged to view stars, examine the skies and find celestial wonders that will make us think. How will we know what is out beyond the stars if we never look at the sky to search for understanding? If work is so much fun, truly play must reach the highest note. Binoculars signal a new place for travel.

Faraway places suddenly seem near. Summer has lost its way and we are pursued by a steadfast winter without a storm, as the calendar never ceases its day by day tally. The status quo of one complete year makes it seems the same, but for the binoculars obtained from the local library.

Next door children play, they point the binoculars at the trees, almost naked from their fallen leaves. They view houses, a stray bird or two, and the happy squirrels that run around celebrating life. It is a new adventure, using an instrument that makes things seem closer.

Ordinary objects require a new description when you use binoculars. Life holds excitement and presents a new outlook. Imagination encourages us to view the stars and to continue the circle of education. If only I could have my own binoculars someday. I have not checked the price yet.

I know they are expensive. I would not need the most expensive one. I would settle for something in between, of moderate cost. I can hardly wait for the precious day when I have my own binoculars. I will look to the heavens for consideration of new celestial wonders. The Milky Way is rich and powerful as it spreads stars across the sky.

Spreading happiness with the only makeup we have is a positive course for a new day. As the children begin each day they appreciate what they have and yearn for better times Beyond the fear of new demands there is preparation for healthy change and a wealth of new days. The children will soon return the binoculars to the library.

They will not forget what they have seen and they will wait with gentle hope for their own magnifying instrument. Life goes on and the children grow into adults. There is improvement and we appreciate that bit of joy. Through the eyes of the binoculars, we can see what we have not seen before. Far away objects appear closer as imagination prompts new ideas.

The binoculars have been returned to the library, but I have kept the sense of excitement of gazing at the stars, the wonder of their nearness, and the search for meaning.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as children's binoculars at http://www.bestbinocularsonline.com

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