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The Best Music Lesson Web Site I Have Ever Seen

Hi Everyone,
My name is Don and I own an online music store called Music Equipment Online. I sell everything from guitars to recorders to amps, microphones and stands. I have been a professional musician for over 20 years both in studios and on the road. So I know a good guitar product when I see one.
My 16 yr old daughter decided she wanted to learn how to play guitar.

So I bought her a good inexpensive guitar because we have been down this road before. She wants to try something then does not stick with it and I end up paying for something that will never be used again. Know anyone who wants a red electric scooter cheap?
Anyway, I tried giving her lessons from one of my guitar books but as any parent knows you ca not teach your children anything. The lessons were not working but she still wanted to lean to play.

So I got online and found this awesome site called Music Master Pro. I was a bit skeptical at first because I have seen these online guitar lesson sites come and go and most are not very good and actually teach you very little. But this one was pretty good. It was all video driven lessons so there was very little reading which pleased my daughter to no end. The videos were high quality productions with a lot of helpful hints and advice for any novice player. I even learned something new watching them.

The cost was $29.95 with a money back guarantee and I though what the heck I ca not lose here. I have a lifetime membership and my baby girl can go back as many times as she wants because there is literally thousands of lessons on this site that will take any guitar player with a desire to improve their technique and go from a beginner to actually recording your own music. Alright, shameless plug time. If you want some good music equipment or recording gear, go to my site musicequipmentonline.

Anyway, my daughter and I now get to play some old Dobie Brothers together and its pretty neat.
If you want to learn to play the guitar or even the bass guitar, (they even have lessons on the drums.) then check out Music Master Pro.

BTW, I do not sell this on my site I just think these are the coolest video guitar lessons out there and you need to know about them. Well, good luck on learning to play your guitar better and maybe I will see you in the studio sometime. Thanks for reading this article,
Music Equipment Online


About the Author (text)Don has been a professional musician for over 20 yrs and has toured with some of the most well known music groups in the music industry. http://musicequipmentonline.com has been the premier public wholesale music site for over 5 years. To check out his recomendation go to http://musicmasterpro.com

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