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What Refugees Should Do Upon Entering A New Country

You may be an immigrant and not even realize it. So be sure to fill out the proper paperwork. Many people fail to do this and as a result how long they have lived within the country may come into question. If this happens and they have no documentation to back it up, they might be deported. Take your resident status seriously and don't keep putting it off.

1. Act Quickly If you have a status of being a permanant resident you can apply for citizenship. To apply, you need to fill out government form number I- . This form can be obtained from U.S.

Citizenship and Immigration Services, also known as USCIS. 2. Why You Should Waste No Time In Getting Your Green Card - You can not be deported - If you leave the country, you can come back in simply by presenting your identification - You may be employed in any work that is legal - You may apply for Citizenship after a number of years There is a three-step process to getting a green card. It may take years for you to receive your green card depending on the type of application and the country of origin.

Step #1: USCIS approves your petition Step #2: You will usually be placed in a long waiting list for your immigrant visa number. If you already have family in the US, you may be able to skip the waiting list. Step #3: Once you receive your visa number you must apply with USCIS to adjust your status to permanent resident status. 3. The Road To Citizenship Full citizenship affords you many additional rights, such as the right to vote and run for office.

It will also make the ownership of property much easier. You must have lived for several years in the country without exiting the borders to be considered for full citizenship. Although 5 years may sound like a long time, it truly does fly by. So it's important that you plan ahead and apply as soon as you are able to. 4.

Do You Deserve Special Treatment One of the oldest known loopholes for people trying to become citizens is to get married to someone who is already a legal citizen. This must be a completely valid marriage and you must be able to present a marriage certificate. Special treatment is often awarded to individuals seeking asylum or refugee status. Be ready to submit the I- form within days of entering the country.

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