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Robbie Williams
Singer Robbie Williams fails to take the number one spot for his new single, with the Sugababes still top.


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Cool Jay

His teacher thought he was dumb. Idolmakers thought he was ugly. But Jay Chou has become Asia's hottest pop star...Jay Chou's songwriting skills have catapulted him into the top rank of Asia's pop stars.

Before the satin bedsheets and Ducati motorcycles, before the screaming groupies fainting at his shows and the teenage girls making pilgrimages to stroke his piano bench, there was this narrow stretch of blond floorboard between the leather sofa and the teal walls of Alfa Music's studio in a gray, concrete high-rise in eastern Taipei.>>more


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Top Music Charts

1) Chris Brown - Run It!

16-year-old Chris Brown is a fast rising star. With the assistance of star producer Scott Storch, his first single "Run It! is swiftly climbing the charts. Look for his first full-length album in late November.

2) Ashlee Simpson - Boyfriend

It's a big 2 weeks coming up for Ashlee Simpson. She just turned 21, will make a return visit to Saturday Night Live October 8th, appear on Oprah the 13th, and her new album I Am Me comes out October 18th.

3) David Banner - Play

The pioneer of "chopped and screwed" music is making his breakthrough on the pop chart. He has also been a primary mover and shaker helping out victims of Hurricane Katrina.

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